#sugardump Survey

This quiz is only intended to act as a basic guide to how much sugar you're consuming and doesn't take into account portion sizes and all the foods you're eating on a daily basis... but even so, the results may surprise you!

If your result shows you're eating too much of the white stuff then try taking our 7-Day Sugar Dump Challenge – you'll be amazed how much better you'll look and feel for it! In addition to lowering your risk of serious conditions like type 2 diabetes and cancer, your skin, waistline and energy levels are all set to dramatically improve too. To help maximise your chances of success you'll receive a free report 7-Day #sugardump Challenge – 9 Ways To Crack Your Sugar Habit Once And For All…it contains handy tips and delicious recipes to help crack your sugar habit once and for all and exposes the surprising everyday foods – from ready meals and sauces to soups and smoothies – to avoid, where sugar often lurks undetected.

1. Is eating something sugary like a chocolate bar, biscuit, ice cream, pudding, fizzy drink or cake a must each day?

2. How many teaspoons of sugar do you add to tea, coffee and/or cereal or cooking each day?

3. How often do you consume sugar-containing drinks like fruit juice, squash, fizzy drinks, protein shakes, sports and energy drinks?

4. How often do you drink alcohol?

5. What would you typically have for breakfast?

6. If you opt for toast, would you add jam, honey, marmalade or peanut butter?

7. If you decide to have pasta with a tomato-based sauce would you:

8. Do you eat low-fat products like yoghurt?

9. Do you eat ready meals?

10. Do you feel your energy levels or blood sugar levels fluctuate sometimes? For example, do you have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings or experience an afternoon slump; or find yourself getting headaches and becoming light-headed and irritable if you go too long between eating?

11. Do you experience cravings for sugar?

12. Do you make a conscious effort to check food labels for their sugar content when shopping and choose products according to how much sugar they contain?

Answer the questions and click "Submit" below to get your results!